Arm the Homeless

Picked up Guitar Hero 2 with wired guitar controller from Fry's today for $60, which was a lucky find.  Yes, I am so behind as GH2 came out over a year ago, but I played it for the first time over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I feel better about not being able to buy the dual-guitar setup directly from the Red Octane web store for $110 (back-ordered until Feb 2008?!).  The addiction begins again...

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The attention to detail in Grand Theft Auto 3 is simply incredible. Last night, I knocked a woman onto the tracks, watched her get crushed by a train as she scrambled to get off the tracks, and laughed hysterically as I witnessed my handiwork through the gap between the car and the platform. "You're a subway pusher!" Hoo boy. Well, it sure beats watching reality TV.

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Tempted to grab State of Emergency (PS2) on sale at Circuit City for $40. Must maintain some semblance of discipline...

The bribery scandal surrounding the SLC bid to host the Olympics was bad enough, but after watching the pairs skating results last night, I say, "Screw the Olympics."


So now that I have been playing MGS2 so much, I am HOOKED on the MGS (original) soundtrack. Waaaah!

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The MGS2 intro is so stunning that I feel like my heart is going to burst every time I watch it. Beautiful.

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MGS2 is pretty bad-ass. Too bad I don't have a stinkin' PS2 memory card so I can save...

So cold here. It'll be nice to be back in Houston.

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Metal Gear 2 supposed to be out today. Waaaaaah!

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It's been so long since I played any PSX that I failed to notice what a cool game Resident Evil 2 is... Scared the crap out of me last night.

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