Fantasy portfolio diversification

What a season this has been. All three of my fantasy football teams are heading to the Super Bowl, and another team which I helped a buddy draft is also in the big game. Brian Westbrook and Jason Witten are shared by three of these teams, but the compositions are otherwise fairly diverse (key players highlighted):

QB Romo
RB Westbrook
WR Owens
WR Wayne
TE Witten

RB Westbrook
RB McGahee
WR Boldin
WR Mason
WR Driver
TE Witten
D Pittsburgh

QB Roethlisberger
RB Lewis
WR Houshmandzadeh
WR Wayne
D Minnesota

QB Romo
RB Westbrook
TE Witten
D Minnesota

Despite my being less of an FF fanatic this season, perhaps because I am less emotionally invested, it has been more enjoyable than in prior years. Winning adds to the joy of course, but I used to become quite traumatized on a weekly basis when my teams lost, and that is insane. I view FF as a season-long lottery that entails some skill, but as with all games of chance, there are factors that are well beyond our control. Having absolute control over drafting and lineup decisions, on the other hand, is what makes this fun. A computer can make choices based on someone else's cheatsheet or lineup ranking, but defying conventional wisdom and taking risks has tremendous appeal to me.

Speaking of unpredictable circumstances, I was shocked and mildly annoyed when Westbrook took a knee at the goal line on Sunday, but my thoughts quickly shifted to admiration: a smart, selfless, and simply phenomenal player. I hate having to relinquish him in my keeper league after five seasons (max allowed), even more so than giving up LT last season. Cheers to you, little man.

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I recently decided that fantasy football is unhealthy. After having one of the most dominant seasons ever seen in my keeper league, you would think that just making it to the Super Bowl would be a nice finish. Oh no. As a huge favorite going into the big game, I trailed by a mere 21 points going into the Eagles-Cowboys game with three active players remaining. Expecting an easy win, I watched the Cowboys play one of the worst games ever, and after a lot of yelling, kicking furniture, and freaking out the cats, I found my team up by two points at the end of the game. Pretty disgraceful. So much for keeping things in perspective...

Team W-L-T PCT GB Strk Div PF Back PA
Sienna Shorthairs 13-2-0 0.867 0 W5 9-1-0 1648.0 0 1231.0

The team that won 80% of the pot this year averaged 109.87 points per game. That is sick!

The mass transit experiment may be coming to an end soon. Could have just been the light holiday traffic, but last week I made it to work one morning in 45 minutes. Tolls, parking, and Metro card total about $90/month, and the average commute time each way is roughly 1:15. I'm glad I tried it out, but after three months, I think I should perhaps catch up on my extra reading at home...

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Been agonizing for days over starting Bledsoe vs Brunell this week. As if it will make a difference... On a related note, the score pager is working quite nicely.

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Just in time for fantasy playoffs, my scoring update pager (Perl) is ready for testing this weekend. There seems to be a restriction on SMTP relaying on this server so I am using the mailer in PHP for now.


Early bold prediction (or perhaps a reminder of why I shouldn't bet professionally): Redskins win the NFC championship this year. Only Seattle can challenge, and they have no defense.

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Fantasy football on the brain. Keeper league draft is less than four weeks away, but by the time the season begins, I will likely have six or seven teams including two new pay leagues. On a related note, came up with an interesting business idea today...

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Yahoo Fantasy Football is up. Only two more months until the season begins...

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With an absolutely poor showing by the Miami defense last night, I have been knocked out of my last remaining fantasy league. It has nonetheless been an enjoyable season. At least my packing is going quite well.

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How silly of me to think the AA-Ebay exchange rate on couldn't get any worse. Now down to 0.45/mile.

First game of the regular NFL season is finally here. Booyah!


Finished my last fantasy football draft for this season finally. I'm quite proud of my live draft Yahoo team as I had to pick from the #10 spot, and everybody took an RB in the first round.

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