Preaching to the choir

Table to Farm. Nice article about eating local, but this quote in particular expresses perfectly my feelings about returning to Texas.

While it took the couple a while to come around to coming home, Smithville seems to suit their goals. Justus recalled Eklof's urging him to consider it: "She said: 'Look, we can live in San Francisco forever, and we’re never going to change anyone’s mind because we’re going to be in our insular community. If we ever want to make any change, we’ve got to be the monkey wrench from the inside.'"

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Thelma’s Closed By Fire

First, Williams Smokehouse, now this.

On a lighter note, the new Grimaldi's finally opens.

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A taste of New York… in Sugar Land?

Construction is still ongoing, but over a year ago, a sign appeared near Cheesecake Factory announcing that Grimaldi's Pizzeria was coming to First Colony Mall. Having lived within walking distance of the Brooklyn location, I was intrigued but had doubts as to whether it was actually affiliated with the NY original. Not only is it the same, but there appear to be restaurants in Arizona, Nevada, and Texas as well. Gonna be a lot closer than Dolce Vita once it opens.

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Should be sick of driving at this point, but I'm not. Drove to Luling on Saturday to try out City Market (not the one in Houston). Really nice ribs, but it seems I am too accustomed to Goode Company brisket and sausage links. That is somewhat disappointing, but probably a good thing in the long run given the distance. Charming little town. This happened to be the weekend of Thump so ended up with some cute watermelon souvenirs.

Afterwards, headed to New Braunfels and San Antonio. Then drove back for a day's total of eight hours. Excellent mileage on the hyb, even running at 70+ most of the way down I-10. Hurricane evacuation practice run sent me to Austin this morning. Chalk up six more hours. Too tired to want to stop in Lockhart for a Smitty's run. Another time perhaps when I haven't gorged on meat for days.


Whoa. Started browsing reviews for sushi places a few hours ago (we finally found a good one, and it ain't Osaka), wandered over to eGullet and Texas BBQ write-ups, and somehow began making plans for turning my disaster recovery practice drive to Austin into some sort of BBQ tasting tour. Yeah, boyyyyy!

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Steadily working my way through the rest of the honey-baked ham from our Christmas dinner. Super-yummy. The raspberry chocolate mousse cake, on the other hand, almost didn't make it past tonight.

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Finally tried the Japanese-style cream puffs at Beard Papa's Sweets Cafe today. Ended up waiting about half an hour in 35° weather as the line was halfway down the block. What a bunch of nuts... :-p People kept stopping to ask why we were waiting in line and if they were giving stuff away. The cream puffs were pretty nice, but not being a big cream puff fan, I couldn't really understand the fuss...

beard papa character

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As of April 15, 2004, we will no longer be offering Private Payments® from American Express.

Private Payments Transaction History will continue to be available until May 1, 2004. Please use this time to print any necessary information from your Private Payments Transaction History.

Finally tried out Banh Mi So 1 (Broome St. near Mott) this weekend. The grilled pork sandwich ($2.75) is pretty tasty, but the meat is more what I would expect to find in a cha siu bao (roast pork bun). Ah well. The search continues.


Supersize me. The McDonald's nearest my office doesn't even list small or value size fries on the menu any more. Just medium ($1.69) and up. If you have ever ordered the value size fries, you know it is plenty. And if you have ever seen me speed walking back to the office in the afternoon in the freezing cold with a bag of large fries in one gloved hand and bare other hand relentlessly shoveling three at a time into my maw, it is not a pretty sight...

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Finally got the Dead Or Alive DVD yesterday. Booyah. PS2 wouldn't play it because of the PAL output, but surprisingly Windows Media Player played the disc without complaining about the region code. Noticed that Record Runner is selling the DVD for $34, which is nuts, considering you can get it for $23 shipped from Amazon UK if you don't mind the added shipping time.

My Yahoo FF team is pretty ridiculous.

No more pasta day at Cafe Metro? Noticed there was no "friday is pasta day" sign in the window today, and my suspicion was confirmed when I asked one of the cashiers. I'm hoping this is only temporary.