Mightier Than the Board.

In New York City, letters of recommendation are part of the hazing ritual known as a board package, whereby a buyer must convince a co-op board that he or she would make a worthy neighbor. But in this era of cellphones and instant messaging, formal letters of recommendation solicited from friends and associates can seem as quaint as cucumber sandwiches, with buyers and writers alike tempted to treat them as crustless formalities.


For the record, all log times going forward are CDT/CST as opposed to EDT/EST. I should fix this in the log generator. Ah well.

The Ultimate Luxury. Must stifle the urge to snicker mercilessly.

An everyday convenience just about everywhere else is a rarity in Manhattan, even in million-dollar apartments: the washer-dryer.

Yeah! Looks like we're finally on Yahoo maps and MapQuest. Can't look our street up yet, but the street is visible if you look up Carrollton 77459.


A fresh start. So thrilled to be back in my hometown.


War Without End.

Bush may believe that 19 Arab murderers changed his world. But I'm not going to let them change mine.

Owners' Web Gives Realtors Run for Money. After reading several books recently on FSBO selling, I would love to start a web site to serve other markets, especially New York.


Phone service finally kicked in this morning. A great start for the new year...


Done moving! What a relief...

Norwegian Freed in Hollywood DVD Piracy Case.

Upholding a verdict by a lower court in January, the court said Jon Johansen had broken no law by helping to unlock a code and distribute a computer program on the Internet enabling unauthorized copying of DVD movies.


Been super busy with packing lately. Nasty day out today, but amazingly, it took me 35 minutes door-to-door to the office this morning via F/C/4. Can't wait to move into the new apartment.


Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn: My hood is profiled in this weekend's real estate section... Nice!


Co-op Board Bans Smoking in Apartments by New Owners While I still find smoking to be an utterly filthy habit, this restriction in one Upper West Side building simply reinforces my disdain for co-ops.


Looks like I finally have the moving drama mostly behind me. Whew! Said goodbye to the little gray cat on my way out. So cute...

Ear pressure has been bugging me for the last few days. Lately I can tell with my eyes closed when the train is passing under the East River.