Mermaid Parade this Saturday at Coney Island...

One of these days I'm gonna get around to redesigning the site menus.

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Should an Act of Kindness Merit Something in Return?
A nice little feel-good article from last weekend's NYT magazine.

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If you haven't already, head out to the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights at night. Great view of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. An easy train trip to Clark Street via #2/#3 train. It's no wonder that apartment prices there are so high...

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Sign that I could be a true New Yorker: despite having landed a VERY reasonably-priced rental apartment in Brooklyn (no fee at that!), I am still poring over the weekend real estate section in search of that elusive perfect home.

I was fooled temporarily. Last weekend it seemed that Manhattan apartment rentals were coming down, and I thought briefly that I had jumped the gun. Uh, right! This week, all the 1BR's in Chelsea, Gramercy, and the UWS seem to be going for $2k+. Even Park Slope prices are running up... Time to chill out.


A fairly good article on getting delisted from the NASDAQ.



The NY Times offers 50% off regular rates for home subscription but will allow you to renew at 1/3 off. Looks like you can renew at this rate indefinitely (every 12-13 weeks, that is), but if you just ask them to extend your promo rate, they will almost certainly give you some mumbo-jumbo about why you can't do this. Don't bother! Just tell them you want to cancel your subscription, and they will offer to extend the discount (with perhaps a few days at the regular rate).


This is the most entertaining article I read all weekend. Saw some nice brownstones in Brooklyn shortly after, one of which had a cool koi pool in the front yard.

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Museum Mile Festival is today. Free admission to various museums along Fifth Ave. Cool.


Last night on the way back from the East Village, we were checking out the cute little copper-colored figures in the 14th St. A/C/E station. Some of the little men appear to be anatomically correct, and at least one of the elephant creatures has what look like breasts. Ha!

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So I have a chance to rent a pretty decent 1BR apt in a Park Slope brownstone for cheap. Decisions, decisions...