Looks like I finally have the moving drama mostly behind me. Whew! Said goodbye to the little gray cat on my way out. So cute...

Ear pressure has been bugging me for the last few days. Lately I can tell with my eyes closed when the train is passing under the East River.


Feeling pretty good today. Extra sleep is finally working its magic. Lots of clean-up to do this week. NFL preseason is just a week away...

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Ugh, late again and still packing. Throat hurts. Must keep packing...


Grrr! Sick again. Seems like I've had more sick days in the last year than I did in the 7 years preceding my move to NYC. Think I got too many bad fumes while working on the new apartment. Been drinking OJ like a mad dog all day. Other people seem to forget how cruddy it is to be sick. This is no vacation.

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Amazon stinks up the joint again with its earnings release. No surprise here. Still too timid to play the short side aggressively though...


Whoops, totally forgot. Starting Sunday, Manhattan Bridge Service Changes go into effect. If you're not heading to Brooklyn, no big deal.

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So Al Sharpton wants to sue the Navy for $1M for arresting him. Cheney Calls on Navy to Pay Bill to Light His Home. Knuckleheads and crybabies.

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What Government Gives, It Can Take Away: This seems to defeat the purpose of an ESPP, which is to encourage employees to hold a stake in a company. Oh well. Take the premium and run.


Back on the restaurant spree again. Tried Neo on the UWS last night. Unusual sushi, overpriced, small portions, nothing spectacular. We'd have fared better at Nobu or Sushisay. Ah well. You've been warned.

Hopped over to Mary's Fish Camp for lunch this afternoon. Decent but once again, pretty pricy. Don't get the clam chowder ("where's the meat?"). Lobster roll seems to be the way to go.

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It's funny to think about how obsessed I was with the stock market a year ago. Yesterday, a friend asked me for investment advice, and amazingly the words "treasuries" and "corporate bonds" popped out of my mouth.

Anyone who thinks that awarding the Olympics to China is going to "help open the country" needs to have his head examined.