Just when I thought taxes were behind me, I need to file an amended return for Colorado since they have "adjusted" my refund to $0.

Small rally today being dismantled. As bearish as ever, I'm researching another HOMS-like short...


Another NFL season shines upon us. I already have two online teams (Yahoo and Sandbox) and anticipate joining a Sportsline league as well. Outta control, you say? Oh yeah.

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Continental 55% off fare sale ends today. Check it out.


Market not absorbing the latest rate cut very well... KREM Sep 30 puts jumped as much as 30% earlier today. Year of the bear, I tells ya.


LUMT stock hemorrhaging. What a disaster.


I am wired! Slept for 2 hours this afternoon and then 2 more a little while ago. Like I'm back in school. Incidentally, cab fare from CG (Carroll St. F stop) to Midtown is roughly $15.

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Dodged a bullet with F. Yesterday I thought I had missed out on a perfectly good 5+% return. The company news is so gloomy today.


CIEN down over $8 this morning already. As if my Janus holdings weren't hurting enough as is...


Redback Asks Workers To Roll The Dice: A desperate play? This company burns an incredible amount of cash.


Finally tried the deep fried Mars bar at the Chip Shop. Sooo rich... This place rules.

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