EXDS files for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Pin-pon!


These Flash web ads are starting to piss me off. The price of free content, I suppose.


Got sucker-punched by Rod Smith this weekend. Need a big game from SD tonight. And speaking of suckers...

Goldman Sachs chief investment strategist Abby Joseph Cohen on Monday recommended that investors add more stocks to their portfolios because shares have become cheaper since last week's declines.


GWB's rally-round-the-flag speech all but declared war on Afghanistan and proclaimed the unreachable goal of eliminating terrorists worldwide. No wonder Hillary looked so annoyed.

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CVNS gets a new CFO. never a good sign IMO. Elsewhere on the consulting front, LUMT delisting could come 9/25.


A week has passed, and thankfully (as far as I know), no one that I know was hurt or killed in the WTC disaster. As awful as it may sound, I sure am glad my McCaffrey trade got shot down... ;-p Can't wait for football to start up again. What a start! Tied for first in the spread pool and somehow snagged a win in the keeper league.

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All this talk of not selling stocks today is a load of crap. I trust that the SEC will police market manipulation. If terrorist-related entities shorted stocks prior to the attack, it is up to our regulatory agencies to freeze assets and seize illegal gains appropriately.

Blindly buying stocks to show support for America is a ridiculous notion.


Lotta bomb scares today. You know all the wackos are gonna take advantage of the paranoia and fear. On a related note, check the site out. Cool but distracting... :-p

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Damn, WTC towers and Pentagon were hit today. Feeling pretty lucky to have made it into JFK late last night after 3 flight cancellations and subsequent rebookings. FAA shuts down airline service across the country today. SPCS network seems to be out. A very sad day.

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After all this talk of picking up Snoop Minnis, I let him get taken late by another team. Crap!

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