AirTrain is finally open to Newark Airport. Yeah...

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Why do companies bother pointing out in earnings press releases that their pro forma results topped analyst consensus estimates? I find it lame and desperate.

Eddie George is quite possibly the worst 1st round draft pick I have made in my 5+ years playing FF.


Despite the fact that I did not play Doug Flutie (which will likely contribute to my keeper loss) this week, I am rejoicing in the Chargers' win over Rob Johnson and the sucky Bills.

Uh, how did the Giants lose to the Skins? Losers.

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Chiefs are 0-4 at Arrowhead this year. Market is up higher than it was prior to Sep 11, but the economy is no better. So messed up...

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Giants are WEAK. What a stupid ending to wake up to. Overly conservative offense buys squat. At least my keeper team won.

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F train rerouted yet again due to police activity at 34th St. Made the mistake of taking the G through Queens this morning and somehow made it to work on the fifth packed train from Court Sq. 1:15 later... Note to self: G-A-E is the way to go.

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Whoops, I goofed on the BRCM call but not really. Read the wrong spreadsheet (FMKT) and came up with a too low number. BRCM nonetheless screwed the quarter with the enormous loss. FMKT announces Monday.


So BRCM announces a $34M loss excluding charges. Naturally, these charges include $16M in restructuring and $1.18B to write off losses related to prior acquisitions. Looking at a $1.6B (!) net loss for the quarter, but that's okay cuz the charges are largely non-cash... The execs repeated often in the conf call that this did not affect the company's liquidity position. Too bad the same cannot be said about their net earnings.


Broadcom (BRCM) earnings out after market close. Analysts expect a $0.15/sh pro forma loss, which means pretty much nothing to me. I'm expecting a net loss of no less than $40M for the quarter.


New Order Get Ready is out today... Yeah! Anthrax mania running wild. Figure on even more kooks coming out of the woodwork.

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