Yow... Enron quote from the NY Times:

An Enron worker in corporate headquarters in Houston said massive layoffs were expected Monday -- "thousands upon thousands of people" -- and a bankruptcy filing was likely Tuesday.

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New V train is gonna mess up my commute. No more F train service at Lex-53rd. Boo...

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Looks like Sandbox will not be acquired by Sportsline after all. The lack of updates this week makes me think they may be shutting down for good.

The battery life on the Mini-Yepp (YP-20S) ain't pretty. Seems to last considerably longer if I pull out the battery when I'm not using it.

CVNS rising lately on small volume. I don't find it particularly promising though that the CFO (9/18) and CEO (11/15) were replaced within two months of each other.


Good to be on land again. My head is still spinning after being at sea for a week...

No football for a week is killing me, too.

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Metal Gear 2 supposed to be out today. Waaaaaah!

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Primarily motivated by the weak cash position of the company and the heavy burden of debt on our balance sheet, Luminant has been exploring some strategic options for our company moving forward. And it's our expectation that any sale of the company that we might accomplish would be done through a court-supervised proceeding. And it's unlikely that following any such sale that any proceeds would remain for our equity holders.


Received a chain letter suggesting that America brought the WTC attack upon itself because it turned its back on God. Whoa. Can't let this nonsense slide.

"We reap what we sow." Sounds familiar. Check this out.

I am left with the following conclusions:

  • Bad things happen to bad people who just downright deserve it.
  • America brought Oklahoma, Columbine, and the WTC attacks upon itself.

Sarcasm aside, I offer this:

We cannot possibly hope to understand why God "lets" certain things happen. Who presumes to know what God is thinking? Anne Graham Lotz? Jerry Falwell? The anonymous author of a chain letter?

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Broadcom cracks 46. It seems the lessons of last year have been lost upon some. Ah well.

Despite an outstanding performance by Ray Lewis last night (Titans stink it up again), I managed to yank out a win in Sandbox. 8-1...


Too much blood? This is messed up.

Edge possibly out for the season. Still waiting for the official word. Ouch.

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LUMT stock is in the crapper (even more so), and it makes me oddly happy. If it weren't for the NASDAQ moratorium on minimum bid requirements, this puppy would already have been delisted.