It is stinking cold in New York. One more chance to win my spread pool. So close this week. Crud.

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Now I know who buys those gift cards at Best Buy - the folks who are doing their Christmas shopping one hour prior to store close... :-p


And just like that my FF season is practically over... Stinkin' Todd Bouman going out on the first possession. Grrr! Starting Kordell gives me the win. 🙁

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MGS2 is pretty bad-ass. Too bad I don't have a stinkin' PS2 memory card so I can save...

So cold here. It'll be nice to be back in Houston.

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Sneeze, cough into your hand. Examine it. Find anything interesting? Wrap your hand around the crossbar. Five minutes later, you have moved to the other side of the car. Sneeze some more. At least you covered your mouth. Well, your hand must look dry cuz you just put it back on another handhold. Yeah, I saw you Mr. black-Harley-Davidson-windbreaker on the F train yesterday. Yuck.

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A congressional committee on Tuesday heard from tearful workers who lost their life savings in the collapse of Enron Corp., and said the company's reluctant chief executive will testify before it in February.

"I lost $1.3 million dollars," said Charles Prestwood a retired Enron attorney. "I had all my savings, everything in Enron stock."
-New York Times

I must sue someone for the results of an incredibly naive investment decision.

We need a federal, blue ribbon, independent study to find out why those buildings collapsed," said Rally Regenhard, the mother of one of the victims. "My son never should have died. A fire did not kill my son; a building killed my son. And I would ask your help, and I have confidence in you."

The fire from the plane crash melted parts of the building which eventually resulted in a chained collapse. Since I cannot sue dead terrorists, however, someone else has to pay.


Although the behavior of the Browns fans was disgraceful this weekend, I can understand their anger. The overturning of the Morgan catch was too late. Gotta stick with the rules.

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Here is a nice link for halted stocks on the NASDAQ. Bye LUMT!


The shrub adorned with Hello Kitty Christmas lights just down the street makes me strangely happy.


Last regular season games this week for Yahoo and Sportsline FF. Gonna be a struggle to qualify in Yahoo...

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