So now that I have been playing MGS2 so much, I am HOOKED on the MGS (original) soundtrack. Waaaah!

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Some ex-Enron employees were hoping that Bush would address their situation more directly in his State of the Union Address. Wake up, folks. There is more going on in this country than just Enron. Speaking from experience, if you invest all your eggs in one basket, you can only blame yourself for those tremendous losses.


Steelers would not have opened as 15-point dogs, but it's irrelant now. See ya, chumps.

Wife of ex-CEO Lay says they're broke. Does Andersen do the Lays' personal accounting as well?

Groom Killed By Stripper's Boobs: This is just nuts.


VRSN taking a beatdown, no big surprise...

Liberal agenda accusations aside, this is one of the better Enron articles I have read in a while.

Bird dies. Dunno why I find this so amusing, but it just is.


Tyson is a pinhead. Fade into obscurity, pinhead.

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AMZN announces a GAAP net profit. Incredible.


Is Ashcroft an idiot? I often wonder about these inane press releases. "We have this videotape of these guys talking. We think they could be suicide terrorists. Can't play the audio for you as we're analyzing it for secret messages, but ya gotta trust me on this one. One of them is stroking a rifle. They could be anywhere in the world. If you see them, could you, uh, please give us a call?"

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Crud. Sold the BRCM puts too early. Ah well. Profits is profits...


Had no idea Win2000 already has telnet service bundled in it. Nice.


On Sat 1/12 I get a Macy's charge statement saying my payment is due on 1/17. What is wrong with this picture? Not to mention that paying online is so difficult to figure out (CheckFree?!). Jerks.