MO remains the MO. Cool.


The Office of Propaganda, er, Strategic Influence is dead before it started.

Apparently, the Egyptian student who was accused of owning an airband transceiver in a hotel near the WTC ended up in jail as a result of a lying hotel security guard. McCarthyism and Japanese internment camps. More than ugly history? Good-bye civil liberties...

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I had thought originally that the hospital would be an interesting place to work, but now I find it rather depressing.

How to Read a Statement of Cash Flows


To the young woman on the 4 train yesterday evening, I salute your generosity. You offered your seat to an elderly gentleman then gave it to another elderly man shortly afterwards. I felt like a wuss for not giving you my seat immediately.

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Educated, Experienced and Out of Unemployment Checks: Depressing but too true...


Yay! Finally rolled over the 401(k) from my last company into an IRA. No Enron for me... :-p

Was having a terrible time finding a definition for "capital surplus" and ran across this financial terms glossary.


Read up on procmail today. Looks like a promising spam filtering solution considering that I was about to try writing my own.


Sneaky... Expedia doesn't always show the lowest price vendor on car rentals. Looks like they have some sort of preferred vendor agreement as I had to dig around to find the cheapest rate for a weekly rental from Alamo. So despite their insanely annoying ads, Orbitz may be worth another look.


Tempted to grab State of Emergency (PS2) on sale at Circuit City for $40. Must maintain some semblance of discipline...

The bribery scandal surrounding the SLC bid to host the Olympics was bad enough, but after watching the pairs skating results last night, I say, "Screw the Olympics."


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