The other day I am riding the 4 train, and a tall guy gets on and stands in the doorway. A couple stops later, a woman attempts to get off, and since he doesn't even have the courtesy to move out of the way, she (unintentionally) clips him with her bag. Hard. I nearly applauded. The guy looked annoyed. Dumbass.

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Stolen Restaurant Napkins Are Just a Start: Forgot to bookmark this article on thieving in restaurants, and I do so detest the thought of paying for online content...

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I have often heard the question, "Why does God allow bad things to happen?" but rarely would we suggest that God allows many good things to happen. I'm getting married! It is quite cold outside this morning, but today is a happy day. Yay!

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Even though I generally hate web ads and have disabled Doubleclick, x10, etc., these PointRoll ads are pretty clever.


Prosecutors Seek a Death Sentence in Terrorism Case: The U.S. government wants to execute a man who fits the profile of a September 11th terrorist. I'm all for revenge, but let's at least see some hard evidence linking him to the act. Otherwise, our justice system is no better than China's...

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3/17 Alias: worst episode ever...

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Noticed a cute little public park on the way to work today (43rd St. between 3rd and Lex).

Top TV (just because):

  1. Gilmore Girls
  2. The Guardian
  3. Family Guy
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Into Thin Air: Good article about the airline industry for which I forgot to grab the link. Thankfully, there is


Grrrr! A Pessimist Sees a Dark, but Profitable, Decade


The source of my lovely, hand-drawn LA freeway map...

Procmail is cool.