Co-op Board Bans Smoking in Apartments by New Owners While I still find smoking to be an utterly filthy habit, this restriction in one Upper West Side building simply reinforces my disdain for co-ops.


What a call on VRSN and TYC. Too bad I did nothing...

HOMS revisited. How is this pig still alive? $400M+ deficit (mostly outstanding obligations to AOL, I would guess) and dwindling cash. The latest 10-Q says $270M cash/equivs, but a 4/3 press release says $28M in unrestricted cash...


NHL and NBA playoff pool scoreboards are now automated using Perl and sockets. I can be such a geek... :-p

WCOM getting bombed today. What a disaster.


Just started implementing site-wide stylesheets using Perl and make. Changes are afoot. Yeah, boooy.


Pet Shop Boys tix went on sale this morning. Too bad I can't make either show...

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Can't believe I used to be so high on WCOM stock. Finally cracked 5. If the margin call hasn't already hit Ebbers...


A nice guide on ergonomics from (gasp!) Microsoft.

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Power Steer: I used to think people who pushed for organic foods were a bunch of tree-hugging freaks, but this article about beef cattle really got me fired up. 😉

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Bush's unrelenting support of Ariel Sharon is ridiculous.

The NASD web site has some cool resources. For example, if you check out the UBS PaineWebber brokers mentioned here (The Man Who Paid the Price for Sizing Up Enron), you will find interesting little tidbits like Chung Wu used to work at King Bo Restaurant II, and Patrick Mendenhall received a complaint (churning?) a few years back alleging damages of $1.4M. Eventually settled for $650k. Happily, my past and current brokers come up clean...