Police Fire Beanbags at 81 - Year - Old. Police in Florida shoot beanbags and pepper spray at an old man in a wheelchair armed with (gasp!) a vase. Pure madness... Did anyone consider just throwing a blanket or sheet over the old coot? This sounds like a textbook example of excessive force.

Israeli tank gunfire kills four Palestinian civilians as they sleep. Where is the outcry...? I guess the anger of the Bushies is reserved strictly for the Palestinians.

"Nice duck." Indeed. I am very proud of my cute yellow duck handle umbrella. Everyone else should be so lucky to have one. 😉


X and PPP dialup are now running, and I am so psyched! Who could have imagined that a fun weekend would consist of reading the FreeBSD Handbook and recompiling UNIX kernels? :-p

GEORGE W. BUSH HATES AMERICA. Too easy a target, but you know it's true.

Our Sandbox FF league finally drafted (almost a week late). Oh well, what can one expect for free? My team is just SICK.


Just installed FreeBSD for the first time. Not as easy as I had hoped it would be, but I'm having fun with it... Once I get X running, I will be sitting pretty.

Count Zero (by William Gibson) is turning out to be a fantastic read. I am already looking forward to the last book in the Neuromancer series.


Disable Macromedia Flash in IE.


The Israeli Army is destroying the homes of relatives of past suicide bombers in hopes that this will deter future suicide bombers. On the contrary, I believe this simply leaves some (justifiably) pissed-off and impoverished people with little else to lose but their lives.

Lightning storm killed the modem this weekend. What a pain. This cheapo ActionTec 56k modem seems to be doing the trick, but it is also a good example of getting what you paid for ($7 after mail-in rebate from Circuit City... YOW!). The instructions are vague, and the driver installation is certainly not "easy Plug-N-Play" by any means...

On a lighter note, watching the penguins at the Central Park Zoo was very soothing, especially after wallowing around in the oppressive heat this afternoon. Wahoo!


U.N. Report Rejects Jenin Massacre Claim. Of course, Israel never allowed a U.N. commission to survey the area first-hand. Go figure.

Should Yahoo ever decide to start charging for its calendar offering, I will be prepared with my calendar export utility. In the Code section. :-p