OnePass program changes for 2003.

Non-Elite OnePass members traveling on leisure economy fares in T, Q or V* class of service on Continental may no longer use miles to upgrade to First Class on a Series 0 AllPass Upgrade Reward+ (for travel within or between the 48 contiguous U.S. and Alaska and Canada).

Yuck. Don't really like where all this is going.

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The last words I expect to hear from a panhandler after giving spare change: "Please give the full dollar. I have to eat, and ten cents is going nowhere."


State To Operate Anti-Terrorism Tipline. Big Brother is here. As if the idiotic Shoney's incident weren't enough...

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Turns out the toolkit included in the FreeBSD PowerPak can be pretty useful after all as the open-motif distribution is available on disc 4. Saved me a ton of time when I tried to install Motif last night. Easily the best money I have ever spent on an operating system...

How To Win The War On Terrorism. First published back in July but still worth reading.

Only an American terrorist like Timothy McVeigh would bother planning an attack to coincide with an anniversary. Nothing heals a nation like re-experiencing the WTC attacks through commemorative TV programming. So imagine that Osama Bin Laden and every Al Qaeda associate are captured. Would the U.S. be any better off? Well, let's see...

  • Civil liberties seriously eroded by kneejerk anti-terrorism legislation.
  • Innocent Afghan civilians killed in sham war against a handful of religious extremists.
  • Countless men of Middle Eastern descent are detained indefinitely until the DOJ comes to its senses.
  • Bush and warmonger toadies push for war on Iraq that nobody else wants.



Higazy case revisited. The government tries to cover up its colossal screw-up. What an utter disgrace.

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