On a whim, I wiped out all of my cookies in IE and Mozilla and exerted rigorous control over the cookies which I allow to be stored on my machine. The number of cookies which sites try to get users to accept is simply incredible, but this led me to the observation that IE (5.5 in this case) stinks when it comes to cookie management. IE will prompt you repeatedly to accept or reject a cookie unless you decide to accept/reject ALL cookies. On the other hand, Mozilla quite thoughtfully allows a user to reject cookies on a per-site basis.


At $6.25 each, the Vietnamese sandwiches at Nem are quite disappointing. A new quest begins...

Banh Mi places in NY

Soothsayer's NYC Vietnamese Sandwich Guide

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Guerrilla Warfare, Waged With Code. One rarely reads about the positive side of hacking.


Sharon Calls Gaza Strike a Success; Says More Will Follow. Washington's tepid reaction to the murder of innocents should come as no surprise given our penchant for bombing civilians in the name of war.

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As of today, Zagat is a subscription site. I hardly use it anyways as the user reviews on CitySearch offer more interesting details.