You Are a Suspect. Well, I'm paranoid and perhaps rightfully so...

Illegal Art exhibit runs here through the 6th.

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Homeland Insecurity. Incidentally, Schneier's Secrets and Lies is an excellent read.

Hady Hassan Omar's Detention. The legacy of John Ashcroft.


USA is not wanted in Iraq. Did I read that correctly? Pat Buchanan?! Fantastic.

Why Software Should Be Free. An old article, but nonethless a fascinating read. Can't say that I agree with all of it, but it certainly forces me to reconsider my priorities.


Replaced all JPG and GIF files with the more friendly PNG files. Excel files are mostly converted to HTML, and I'll do the same for Word files soon.


Yemen Killing Based on Rules Set Out by Bush. I find this somewhat disturbing, but hey, we're not assassinating targets like the Israeli government. No way.

2-7: Worst season ever.


We Can Put an End to Word Attachments. Word generates crappy, bloated HTML so I'm just gonna have to convert by hand.