Well, I found out today why there have not been any recent movie reviews by Steven Rosen in the Denver Post. According to a staff writer, he has resigned and moved to L.A. I have always found his write-ups to be excellent despite the fact that they were often filled with spoilers. Amusingly, I would gloss over the review for its overall star rating, watch the movie, then read the whole review afterwards... Bummer!

Yesterday I finally upgraded to the latest version of Mozilla and was disturbed to find that the Open Link in New Window selection was moved to the top of the link context menu (above Open Link in New Tab, which I use all the time). Today I figured out how to rearrange the menu order without recompiling the application. Just extract contentAreaContextOverlay.xul from comm.jar (winzip or whatever), edit the XUL, update the file in comm.jar, and restart the browser. Yeah, boy!


Worm Hits Microsoft, Which Ignored Own Advice. Ha ha!


Cop Watchers Beware. More alleged police brutality in New York. How did this not make the news a few months ago...?

America, From Ally to 'World's Biggest Terrorist State'. Protesters in Turkey call the US a terrorist state. The rest of the world is pissed off at America lately, and it is no great surprise.

Most recently, Turkey's highest political leader, Racip Tayyip Erdogan - speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland - excoriated the U.S. government for its war fever. "Let's not kid ourselves," he said. "No one is interested in eliminating their own weapons of mass destruction. They're interested in strengthening their own weapons of mass destruction."

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Senate Blocks Funding for Pentagon Database. Senate votes to ban funding for the Total Information Awareness program. A welcome return to sensibility.

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Master Key Copying Revealed. A link to Matt Blaze's research paper can be found on his site.


Johansen Verdict Appealed by Norwegian Prosecutors. The DeCSS case in Norway isn't over just yet.

As long as I am on the topic, here is a link to various DeCSS sources.


Unintended Consequences: Four Years under the DMCA. This ill-conceived piece of legislation needs to be rewritten or scrapped.

Slave lyrics. The other lyrics I've found online don't seem to match the version I'm listening to so here is another shot at it.


The Burden. Buried in this lengthy article on "the American Empire" is a gripping quote:

Unseating an Arab government in Iraq while leaving the Palestinians to face Israeli tanks and helicopter gunships is a virtual guarantee of unending Islamic wrath against the United States.

Separation of Premium Channels from Basic Cable Could Lead to Lower Cable Bills. Cable TV customers cannot be forced to purchase expanded packages in order to gain access to premium channels.

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Brio documentation. Brio Intelligence Server Guide and other useful documentation.


Just finished Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation this morning. A fascinating and also disturbing read, it certainly changed the way I look at our fast food culture.

Hacking Las Vegas. A very entertaining card-counter article which I forgot to archive earlier and rediscovered recently. I'm looking forward to picking up the book.

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