Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein: The U.S. Tilts toward Iraq, 1980-1984. In addition to the oft-circulated photo, this site also has a video clip of the meeting.

So much for not obsessing over the war. Incidentally, I figure that the $75B that Bush is requesting for Operation Iraqi Freedom comes out to roughly $250 per person. At this point, any talk of eliminating taxes on dividends is pure lunacy. More funny stuff.

US Courts Abandon Guantanamo Detainees. Now let us talk about mistreatment of POWs.

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Al-Jazeera TV broadcasts video of captured U.S. troops. Showing footage of captured Iraqi soldiers is okay, but according to Rumsfeld, showing American POWs on TV is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. It certainly doesn't help the war propaganda machine... Nothing brings home the reality of war better than images of dead American soldiers. The comments of some of the captured men are certainly revealing.

"I come to shoot only if I am shot at," said one prisoner, who said he was from Kansas. Asked why he was fighting Iraqis, he replied: "They don't bother me; I don't bother them."

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Activist's memorial service disrupted. Regardless of where you stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict, this is sickening.

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Red alert? Stay home, await word. Pure madness.

I sometimes get the feeling that the heavily armed soldiers and policemen running around the city are intended to suppress citizen revolt rather than terrorist activity. More likely it's just another feel-good measure, which in case you hadn't heard, is expected to cost the city over $5M per week.

On a more humorous note, if you haven't seen the web site published by the Department of Homeland Security, you're not missing much. For some laughs, check out this site instead.

Kurds mark Iraq gas attack.

More than most, the people of Halabja would love to see the end of Saddam Hussein but many are sceptical about American motives, pointing out that Washington was backing him at the time and tried to blame nearby Iran for the chemical attack on Halabja.

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On a whim, I wrote my first letter to a senator tonight. Thought it would be more useful than attending an anti-war protest where everyone else already agrees with you. I've grown somewhat tired of the war coverage so I'm gonna try to stop blogging about it. That monkey is going down in 2004.

Picked up a Pinnacle PCTV card from CompUSA this weekend. Looks like my dreams of recording Gilmore Girls episodes to CD-R are on hold for now as a 500Mhz Celeron machine appears to be too slow to do video capture without a lot of dropped frames. The temptation to drop $500 on a new Dell P4 box is hard to resist.


Just finished the Chronicles of Narnia last night. Wow. The second reading filled me with a sense of joy and warmth that I cannot recall experiencing when I read the books as a child. "The Magician's Nephew" and "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" are easily my favorites, and "The Last Battle" is an amazing conclusion to the series.

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Since people often react with such profound disbelief when I point out that Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S., I had to look it up again. Folks, Boston and D.C. aren't even close...

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Bush stated in his press conference,

We, of course, are consulting with our allies at the United Nations. But I meant what I said, this is the last phase of diplomacy.

Diplomacy is defined as "the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations," but I am certainly having a hard time seeing any negotiating in this particular foreign policy.

  1. Declare Iraq to be an evil entity.
  2. Threaten war unless Iraq disarms.
  3. Make unsubstantiated claims linking Iraq to Al Qaeda terrorist group.
  4. Threaten war unless Saddam is removed from office.
  5. Deploy military forces to neighboring countries.

On a non-war note, I didn't actually view the broadcast last night because I was out watching Narc. Gritty, violent, but pretty good overall. This also led me to the pleasant discovery that the Loews State Theater has $5 second-run movies.


The attention to detail in Grand Theft Auto 3 is simply incredible. Last night, I knocked a woman onto the tracks, watched her get crushed by a train as she scrambled to get off the tracks, and laughed hysterically as I witnessed my handiwork through the gap between the car and the platform. "You're a subway pusher!" Hoo boy. Well, it sure beats watching reality TV.

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U.S. Says Hussein Must Cede Power to Head Off War.

The White House said today that the only way to prevent war in Iraq would be to disarm the country and depose Saddam Hussein.

Desperate for war, Bush changes the rules. Wanker.

Turkish Deputies Refuse to Accept G.I.'s in Blow to Bush.

The Turkish Parliament today dealt a heavy blow to the Bush administration's plans for a northern front against Iraq, narrowly rejecting a measure that would have allowed thousands of American combat troops to use the country as a base for an attack.


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