Well, the XFree86 upgrade didn't help much. The plan now is to nab a cheapo PCI video card (no AGP slot). Also couldn't get the kernel to detect the integrated 10/100 Ethernet (Broadcom 4401) or my ActionTec PCI Lite modem (Agere chip) so I gotta look for another modem as well. Since the third PCI slot is already holding a Pinnacle PCTV card, I may have to do without a network connection unless I grab an external modem. No great loss there.

On the other hand (and I hate to admit it), XP Home Edition runs stinking fast, perhaps as quickly as FreeBSD in this particular configuration.


Been playing with the new Dell most of the weekend. Didn't take long for me to wipe out XP and repartition the drive for FreeBSD. It would seem, however, that the Dimension 2350 won't run XFree86 4.2 properly given that its video configuration (Intel Extreme Graphics card with 845GL chipset) lacks AGP support. Gonna download version 4.3, which is supposed to work. If it doesn't, I'm gonna be pissed. Too bad I didn't spring for the 4550...


US detains children at Guantanamo Bay.

The US military has admitted that children aged 16 years and younger are among the detainees being interrogated at its prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Flyers advance to the second round for the first time in three years with a huge 6-1 win over Toronto. My original prediction has Philly losing to Ottawa in the next round. Then again, I miscalled nearly the entire Western Conference bracket...


AP Cameraman Shot and Killed in West Bank.

He and other cameramen, still photographers and reporters had been at the bottom of the alley and were wearing brightly colored vests that said "Press."

Just priced a P4-2.4Ghz/128Mb/30Gb/DVD-ROM with WinXP Home and a free Palm Zire for under $500 (Dimension 2350, Dell Small Business division). That included tax and shipping. Absolutely incredible.


Guilty until proven innocent. [KFXO story regarding Mike Hawash was moved] Arrested and detained indefinitely without charges, but unlike the poor saps locked up at Gitmo, this is an American citizen.

Why Am I Getting All This Spam? Pretty interesting study of how email addresses end up on spam lists.


Finger-pointing after Mosul incident.

Witnesses reported that US troops had fired into a crowd which was becoming increasingly hostile towards the new governor in the northern oil city, Mashaan al-Juburi, as he was making a pro-US speech.

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Finally got my TrueType fonts working properly after updating Mozilla and building it three times this weekend. I don't think the rebuilds made a difference as I'm pretty sure it had to do with copying fonts.dir to fonts.scale in the TrueType directory.


Robin Cook speech - Mar. 18, 2003.

[Iraq] probably still has biological toxins and battlefield chemical munitions, but it has had them since the 1980s when US companies sold Saddam anthrax agents and the then British Government approved chemical and munitions factories. Why is it now so urgent that we should take military action to disarm a military capacity that has been there for 20 years, and which we helped to create?


I have heard it said that Iraq has had not months but 12 years in which to complete disarmament, and that our patience is exhausted. Yet it is more than 30 years since resolution 242 called on Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories. We do not express the same impatience with the persistent refusal of Israel to comply.

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Caught Bend It Like Beckham this weekend. Fantastic flick with a great soundtrack as well. I may have a use for DeCSS after all...

"Smoking gun" WMD site in Iraq turns out to contain pesticide.

The turnaround was an embarrassment for the US forces in the region, which had been quick to say that they thought they had finally found the proof they have been actively looking for that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction.


Texas Court Acts to Clear 38, Almost All Black, in Drug Case. Tulia convictions revisited.

Speaking of the NY Times, I just noticed today that they revamped the archive so that even with a full link, stories older than 7 days are no longer freely available in their entirety.

Looks like the Swimming DVD will finally be available 6/3/03.

U.S. using cluster bombs, investigating claims of civilians killed. Rather ironic in light of U.S. concerns that Saddam Hussein would use scorched earth tactics.