Israel calls Corrie death 'accident'.

"It is clear the death of Ms Corrie was not caused as a result of a direct action by the bulldozer or by its running her over."

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Wedding Guide: Part I, Fifteen Fights to Have Before You Get Engaged. Been a while since I've read The Morning News, but this piece has been sitting in my mailbox for a while now. Enjoy.

New Liz Phair album is out tomorrow. Despite some mixed reviews, I'm pretty excited.

Finally watched the rest of Black Hawk Down this weekend. Simply incredible and powerful. Can't say I got teary-eyed while watching Saving Private Ryan. Admittedly, sorting through all of the characters makes it confusing to watch the first time. Looking forward to reading the book.


Inmates Released from Guantánamo Tell Tales of Despair.

Cmdr. Brian Grady, the staff psychiatrist at the camp's medical facility, said in a recent interview that most prisoners suffering from depression brought their symptoms with them to Cuba.

"I don't know what the effects of this particular confinement are," he said. "I'd be hesitant to comment." Officials at Guantánamo have generally dismissed the notion that the confinement and uncertainty about the future are specifically to blame.

"I would not particularly say these circumstances are a factor," Commander Grady said.

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They Impeach Murderers, Don't They? Shame of the nation.

Finally received my refund check from Intuit. I returned TurboTax two and a half months ago cuz the whole Macrovision SafeCast protection really pissed me off. Just happened to notice this news item from last month. Macrovision Confirms Intuit Won't Incorporate SafeCast Product. Booyah.


Missed this somehow. Museum Mile Festival is today (second Tuesday of June) from 6-9pm. Free admission at nine museums along Fifth Ave.


Liz Phair: Exiting From Guyville. Noticed in this weekend's Sunday Styles section. I read on a mailing list that Liz played for about 20 minutes at the Field Day Music Festival at Giants Stadium this weekend.

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Noticed by chance that there is a easy way to access premium content without a login on Once you find the desired article via search, simply remove the last two numbers from the URL (the ones preceded by commas). Just use the browser Copy Location/Shortcut menu function.