Yet another month of ever-increasing surcharges on my Sprint PCS invoice. Taxes and surcharges currently make up about 25% of the total bill. I'm paying $1 per month for number portability, which I assume has gone towards the cost of lobbying against it. Considering that I'm using less than one hour of talk time per month, Cingular prepaid wireless is looking like a pretty good option.


Finally got the Dead Or Alive DVD yesterday. Booyah. PS2 wouldn't play it because of the PAL output, but surprisingly Windows Media Player played the disc without complaining about the region code. Noticed that Record Runner is selling the DVD for $34, which is nuts, considering you can get it for $23 shipped from Amazon UK if you don't mind the added shipping time.

My Yahoo FF team is pretty ridiculous.

No more pasta day at Cafe Metro? Noticed there was no "friday is pasta day" sign in the window today, and my suspicion was confirmed when I asked one of the cashiers. I'm hoping this is only temporary.


Sprint PCS is offering the Sanyo SCP6400 for $50. No activation required. If T-Mobile offered this phone, I'd be done with SPCS in a heartbeat...


Trading on fear.

At home in the US, the propaganda war has been more effective. And a key component has been fear: fear of terrorism and fear of attack.

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Dead Or Alive Evolution DVD is out today. Don't think we'll see a US release any time soon so I ordered a copy from the UK.

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4 Terror Suspects Ordered Released Pending Trials.

Prosecutors, however, depicted the defendants as dangerous and violent men who practiced military tactics under the ruse of playing paintball war games and were sworn to secrecy in their operations.

Looks like the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger (v5.6.0.1339) actually uses the default browser (instead of Internet Explorer) when opening news and weather pages. Finally.

Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate?

Milonic's Woolley said the senator's unlicensed use of his software was just "the tip of the iceberg." He said he knows of at least two other senators using unlicensed copies of his software, and many big companies.