In Courtroom, Laughter at Fox and a Victory for Al Franken.

Judge Chin said the case was an easy one, and chided Fox for bringing its complaint to court. The judge said, "Of course, it is ironic that a media company that should be fighting for the First Amendment is trying to undermine it."

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Finally cut the cord with Sprint PCS. The retention rep offered 75 minutes (no long distance) for $15/month, which I declined.

NO ETHICS? NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM!. Speaking of telecoms...


Almost five years later, I'm heading back to Roseland Ballroom for another Liz Phair concert. Hoo yeah!

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U.S. Fines Woman for Being 'Human Shield'.

A retired schoolteacher who went to Iraq to serve as a "human shield" against the U.S. invasion is facing thousands of dollars in U.S. government fines, which she is refusing to pay.

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Just activated my new phone (Cingular), and it is sweet.


NFL preseason is here! Two weeks til draft day...

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