While I can appreciate the apologetic tone of this letter from Intuit, I think it is equally important to recognize that treating customers as if they were criminals is a sure-fire way to alienate them. I am still debating switching from TurboTax to TaxCut this year, which bodes poorly for Intuit. Music recording industry execs should take note of this PR disaster.


Looks like Ashcroft's PATRIOT Act tour has concluded (travel dates obtained from the DOJ web site).

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OnePass program changes for January 1, 2004. Certain economy fare tickets (Q, S, T, and L class) will only earn 50% Elite mileage. If you purchase online, you can still get full mileage in 2004. Hmmm.

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World Remembers Sept. 11, Questions U.S. Response.

"But the world's only remaining superpower must realize that the 'with us, or against us' approach, and in particular the further use of aggression, will only fuel the hatred which motivated the attacks in the first place."

HOW BUSH CHEAPENED 9/11. Two Years After the Horror, Business as Usual.

Bashcroft!. New Yorkers Protest the Attorney General's Tour to Promote the Patriot Act.

But on the street, Ashcroft seemed to be losing the PR war. "I think he needs to go into hiding or resign, because he's not doing anything for security here," commented Sonji Braxton, an insurance agent and single mom who wandered by on her lunch hour, gesturing at the police sharpshooters posted on the roof of Federal Hall. "This is America and it terrorizes me to come to work. And now they want more money to pay for this war? What about the money to educate my child? They need to pull our boys out of Iraq and bring 'em home, because everything they're doing over there just makes it worse."

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Why the FCC Needs a New Chief.

Michael Powell's ill-advised efforts to help Big Media united left and right alike. After such a fiasco, resignation is the honorable option.


How silly of me to think the AA-Ebay exchange rate on couldn't get any worse. Now down to 0.45/mile.

First game of the regular NFL season is finally here. Booyah!


Finished my last fantasy football draft for this season finally. I'm quite proud of my live draft Yahoo team as I had to pick from the #10 spot, and everybody took an RB in the first round.

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