U.S. Releases Teenage Prisoners from Guantanamo.

The three, ranging from 13 to 15 years old, were the only youths among 660 suspected Taliban and al Qaeda guerrillas being held without charge as "enemy combatants" at the U.S. naval base.

Detention of the prisoners, especially the teenagers, has drawn major criticism from human rights groups and governments who have urged the United States to file charges against the detainees or release them.

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Citing Free Speech, Judge Voids Part of Antiterror Act.

At issue was a provision in the act, passed by Congress after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, that expanded previous antiterrorism law to prohibit anyone from providing "expert advice or assistance" to known terrorist groups. The measure was part of a broader set of prohibitions that the administration has relied heavily on in prosecuting people in Lackawanna, N.Y., Portland, Ore., Detroit and elsewhere accused of providing money, training, Internet services and other "material support" to terrorist groups.

In Los Angeles, several humanitarian groups that work with Kurdish refugees in Turkey and Tamil residents of Sri Lanka had sued the government, arguing in a lawsuit that the antiterrorism act was so ill defined that they had stopped writing political material and helping organize peace conferences for fear that they would be prosecuted.

Judge Collins agreed that the ban on providing advice and assistance to terrorists was "impermissibly vague" and blocked the Justice Department from enforcing it against the plaintiffs.

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I am thoroughly enjoying using my new scanner/copier (Epson Stylus CX5400). I can finally donate the noisy old UMAX scanner to Goodwill and archive the stacks of documents that I have been carrying for years.


Noticed this the other day while reading a prospectus for the Vanguard NY Long-Term Tax Exempt Fund. Interesting (Admiral class shares have a slightly lower expense ratio), but I won't have to think about this for quite some time...

[Tenure Conversions into Admiral Shares]

Three-year privilege. After three years in the Fund, you may convert Investor Shares into Admiral Shares if your account balance in the Fund is at least $150,000 and you are registered with
Ten-year privilege. After ten years in the Fund, you may convert Investor Shares into Admiral Shares if your account balance in the Fund is at least $50,000 and you are registered with


Supersize me. The McDonald's nearest my office doesn't even list small or value size fries on the menu any more. Just medium ($1.69) and up. If you have ever ordered the value size fries, you know it is plenty. And if you have ever seen me speed walking back to the office in the afternoon in the freezing cold with a bag of large fries in one gloved hand and bare other hand relentlessly shoveling three at a time into my maw, it is not a pretty sight...

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The DNS settings for the new web host has kicked in.


I've decided that throwing money into a traditional IRA in addition to the 401(k) is probably not a bad idea even if the contribution is non-deductible.


Phone service finally kicked in this morning. A great start for the new year...