Only in New York...?

Seeing a break in traffic, I cross the street near the Korean grocery this morning and immediately encounter a loudly muttering (big) man approaching from the opposite direction. I shift left, and he shifts toward me. I shift back to the right and he quickly moves in the same direction. I am forced to stop as he is about three feet away and now speaking directly to me. "If you run up on me, you're gonna die! That's right! You're gonna die!" Or something to that effect.

I don't even pull my hands out of my pockets. Just look away and walk around him. No racing heartbeat or confused fear/anger. A few steps away, I calmly pull my hood down and turn to make sure he isn't tailing me, but he is already down the street, possibly looking for his next target...

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Bush Talks of Crisis to Sell U.S. Retirement Plan. Now that the election is over, pay no attention to the failed war on terror or to the fact that the Bush administration borrowed our retirement money to fund an illegal war in Iraq among other things. Thieves.

To some extent, the problem is not with Social Security which currently is running a surplus and will hold $5.3 trillion in U.S. government bonds in its trust fund in 2018, but with the rest of the budget. The problem is the government will have to make good on the IOUs held by Social Security and that will put a strain on the rest of the budget.

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First Murder Charge in '64 Civil Rights Killings of 3.

The most infamous unresolved case from America's civil rights struggle four decades ago - the 1964 abduction and killing of three voter-registration volunteers by nightriders on a lonely rural road in Mississippi - was revived last night with the arrest of a longtime leader of the Ku Klux Klan, the authorities announced.

The suspect, Edgar Ray Killen, a 79-year-old preacher who, investigators say, organized and led two carloads of Klansmen on the night of the killings, was arrested at his home in Philadelphia, Miss., and charged with the murders of Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman and James Chaney, Sheriff Larry Myers of Neshoba County said.

Seven Klansmen were convicted and sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 years to 10 years, although none served more than 6 years. Mr. Killen was released after there was a deadlock by an all-white jury.

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Cobb Urges Congress to Reject Tainted Ohio Electoral Votes. Not hearing much from the Dems lately when it comes to vote recounts.

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will be a featured speaker at two rallies on Thursday in Washington, DC, calling on Congress to reject Ohio's tainted Electoral College votes.

"Ohio's Electoral College votes are tainted by the widespread irregularities and allegations of fraud which took place both on election day and in the course of the flawed recount of the vote. Congress must reject these tainted Electoral College votes to preserve the integrity of our democratic process," said Cobb.

Because the Ohio recount was conducted without uniform standards, adequate security for ballots and voting machines, and without using random samples for auditing the vote as required by law, the Cobb-LaMarche campaign is asking a federal court to order a second recount in Ohio.

The New Mexico recount, which has yet to begin due to interference by New Mexico's Governor Bill Richardson, is also the subject of pending litigation.

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