Debt Slavery: What the Bankruptcy Bill Could Do to You. I was wrong about the bankruptcy bill, which has passed the Senate but not the House yet. Busy writing letters to various House Representatives about the hypocrisy of passing a reform bill which doesn't address corporate abuses of the bankruptcy system. No mercy.

I can be such an idiot. I knew there was a pre-sale for New Order this morning, and after getting in, I started debating whether I wanted to sit in the 2nd floor mezzanine at the Hammerstein Ballroom. A few minutes later, the pre-sale allotment sold out. FOOL! Gonna be kicking myself if I don't snag tickets tomorrow... Tickets are $47.50 plus the usual ripoff fee.


MBNA is severing its relationship with Barnes & Noble. The BN reward certificate program is being replaced with WorldPoints, which offers a lousy reward structure.


Ex-Chief of WorldCom Convicted of Fraud Charges. Naturally, Ebbers will appeal the conviction. A heavy prison sentence certainly won't make up for the staggering losses suffered by investors, but it would go a long way towards restoring my faith in the judicial system.

Mr. Ebbers, 63, was convicted of securities fraud, conspiracy and seven counts of filing false reports with regulators. He now faces up to life in prison, with the convictions collectively carrying a maximum penalty of 85 years in prison. Sentencing was set for June 13. He remains free on bail.

Meanwhile, the same WorldCom that emerged from bankruptcy nearly a year ago and renamed itself MCI is the target of a heated bidding war between Qwest and Verizon. How insane is that? Too bad Congress didn't write any provisions into the recently passed bankruptcy bill to prevent abuse by corporations.


Presale for New Order Oakland concert started yesterday. Luckily, it looks like I won't have to obsess about flying across the country for that weekend since the band is confirmed for NYC on May 5th. Hooyah!

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Can't book a domestic reward flight on Continental at the 25000 mile level without a Saturday night stay. Haven't seen this documented anywhere on the OnePass web site, but I confirmed this with a customer service rep recently.


Judge Says Terror Suspect Can't Be Held as an Enemy Combatant. Jose Padilla case revisited.

A federal district judge in South Carolina ruled Monday that President Bush had greatly overstepped his authority by detaining an American citizen as an enemy combatant for nearly three years without filing criminal charges.

In his opinion, Judge Floyd sharply criticized the administration's use of the enemy combatant designation in Mr. Padilla's case.

"The court finds that the president has no power, neither express nor implied, neither constitutional nor statutory, to hold petitioner as an enemy combatant," Judge Floyd wrote.

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