A fresh start. So thrilled to be back in my hometown.


Finally got around to taking one of the Gray Line double-decker bus tours around town yesterday. We did the uptown loop ($37, 2 hrs), which was pretty interesting, but the air quickly turned frigid bringing our excursion to a sudden end (not much fun in riding downstairs). I recommend the tour, but don't do it in the middle of winter...

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City Rebuffed in Trying to Bar Mass Bike Rides. Let 'em ride.

The judge said the city had wrongly argued that the Critical Mass rides were a form of parade or procession that required a permit because the riders "travel en masse." Following the city's reasoning, the judge wrote, "New Yorkers commuting over the Brooklyn Bridge on bicycles during a transit strike could be considered as 'bicycling en masse.' " Such a restriction, he said, raised constitutional concerns.

"Riding a bicycle on city streets is lawful conduct, as long as one observes the applicable traffic laws and rules," he wrote.

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Huge blizzard. Quite possibly my last major snow as a New Yorker. It felt good to be out and about this afternoon, jogging to the store with some 80s tunes on the mp3 player, a brisk wind blowing through my hair, and practically no auto traffic in the street. Still can't wait to move.

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Wow. Feels like summer down here. Can't wait to move.

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