'Grannies' Charged in Peace Protest Are Acquitted. Another anti-war protest is being held in Manhattan today. The apathy I find down here is disappointing. Seems like the only thing that gets people riled up these days is the rising price of gasoline.

Despite the judge's protestations to the contrary, the verdict was a rare victory for protesters at a time when they have faced uphill battles in other forums. Hundreds of people who were arrested and detained for demonstrating at the 2004 Republican Convention are still embroiled in federal litigation charging the police with false arrest and violating their civil liberties. And the police continue to arrest bicycle riders on charges of disorderly conduct when they participate in monthly group rides called Critical Mass.

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For the record, all log times going forward are CDT/CST as opposed to EDT/EST. I should fix this in the log generator. Ah well.

The Ultimate Luxury. Must stifle the urge to snicker mercilessly.

An everyday convenience just about everywhere else is a rarity in Manhattan, even in million-dollar apartments: the washer-dryer.

Yeah! Looks like we're finally on Yahoo maps and MapQuest. Can't look our street up yet, but the street is visible if you look up Carrollton 77459.


Argh, why am I still reading NY1 in the morning? Old habits...

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Attended my first block party tonight, which gave me a chance to finally meet a lot of my neighbors. Got a good feeling about this community.

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