A Scholar Is Alive, Actually, and Hungry for Debate. I love the way Chávez thumbs his nose at Bush, and I certainly don't think he is any sort of physical threat to the US. Bringing Noam Chomsky into the worldwide spotlight, however, earns huge bonus points in my book.

"I have been quite interested in his policies," Mr. Chomsky said. "Personally, I think many of them are quite constructive." Most important, he said, Mr. Chávez seems to have the overwhelming support of the people in his country. "He has gone through six closely supervised elections," he said.

The other day a colleague who didn't seem to know who Chávez was asked rhetorically, "What does Chávez have against the US empire?" Those were pretty much his exact words, and I calmly resisted the urge to scream out something rather indignant and inappropriate in the office.

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Win war on terror at home with shift in foreign policy. Our leaders need to get past the simple-minded "secure our borders and ports" mentality and dig deeper into the question of what drives terrorism. We shouldn't be surprised to find that the answer resides close to home.

In other words, the war on terror will be won at home, by changing our foreign policy. It may take some years to do so. But the alternative is an endless cycle in which our government's militarism generates more hatred and terrorist attacks, which then are used to justify further military actions - further eroding our civil liberties, living standards and the moral fabric of our society.

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HDTV DVR is finally built and working. Yeah! Still got another two weeks until Grey's Anatomy starts up. Now if only there were a way for me to watch Weeds without shelling out $40/month for cable...