A Soldier Hoped to Do Good, but Was Changed by War.

The case against Sergeant Clousing, a born-again Christian from Washington State, is a small one in a war that has produced sensational courts-martial.

Slain Reporter's Last Story Bares Chechen Torture.

Ms. Politkovskaya, one of Russia's best-known journalists and human rights advocates, was fatally shot on Saturday, apparently the victim of a contract killing. The events on Thursday together served as a sort of coda on her life, reminders of the lingering chaos and human costs of the war in Chechnya, which Russia insists has been won.

Ms. Politkovskaya, 48, was a leader among the shrinking group of Russian journalists who dared to keep challenging that thinking, by writing frankly about the violence and disorder in the republic. Chechnya, her work said, remains a place where open fighting has slowed but murky police and military operations continue, and chilling behavior by Russian forces and the Kremlin's proxies is a dark norm.

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