Finally caught Urinetown at the Main Street Theater, which is amusing cuz I was sort of interested in seeing it while I lived in NY, and I ended up catching it all the way down in Houston. Anyways, the musical was funny and entertaining, and I highly recommend it. On top of that, tickets were dirt cheap. Before the performance, I was concerned about missing the Pats-Chargers game as well as the beginning of the 24 premiere. Turns out both were major disappointments. Jack Bauer may kick ass, but that dude is such a sucker. I'll give it another shot tomorrow night since at the very least, Kal Penn is fun to watch.

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Apparently, Bush's only mistake in starting this war was sending too few troops. What recourse do the people have when a Presidential serial killer runs amok? Impeachment for war crimes and crimes against humanity sounds like a pretty good start to me.

Bush claims to be open to new ideas for solving the Iraq situation, but he certainly doesn't seem interested in actually listening. Bring our soldiers home. Provide financial support to the people you just bombed. Pursue diplomatic over military solutions. Obviously, the Democratic leadership isn't showing much courage on this front either.

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Before his death, I simply thought of Gerald Ford as the President that wrongly pardoned Nixon. Now I consider him a coward as well for not speaking out publicly even though he disagreed with the decision to start the war in Iraq. Although Jimmy Carter, the man to whom Ford eventually lost the election, left office with a poor legacy, he wields his status as a public figure to espouse the causes he believes in. In particular, he condemned Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq and criticized the Israeli bombing campaign in Lebanon.

It seems lately that the rebate fulfillment companies are doing everything possible (like deliberately miskeying mailing addresses) to avoid paying them out. With six unpaid rebates outstanding, I am boycotting mail-in rebate purchases indefinitely and hounding their phone reps until the profit-cost balance becomes a losing proposition for them.

Just realized that there is less than a week until the sixth season of 24 begins, but if it comes down to choosing between Jack Bauer and Hiro on a Monday night, Heroes is gonna win hands-down...