Rage Against the Machine adds more dates. New York, San Bernadino, and San Francisco.

It turns out Rage Against the Machine will play more than one show after all--the seminal L.A. band will join the Wu-Tang Clan for three shows under the banner of Rock the Bells, the acclaimed hip-hop festival that kicks off in New York on July 28 and hits Southern California on Aug. 11.

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Media outlets battle it out over free-speech rights. Disney's ABC tries to bully blogger.

Mike Stark, another blogger and a Spocko ally, said: "The way to fight free speech that you disagree with is to engage in more free speech. And that's exactly what Spocko did."

Gonzales says the Constitution doesn't guarantee habeas corpus.

One of the Bush administration's most far-reaching assertions of government power was revealed quietly last week when Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testified that habeas corpus -- the right to go to federal court and challenge one's imprisonment -- is not protected by the Constitution.

Gonzales acknowledged that the Constitution declares "habeas corpus shall not be suspended unless ... in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it." But he insisted that "there is no express grant of habeas in the Constitution."

Specter was incredulous, asking how the Constitution could bar the suspension of a right that didn't exist -- a right, he noted, that was first recognized in medieval England as a shield against the king's power to dispatch troublesome subjects to royal dungeons.


Records: NYPD Held GOP Protesters Longer. City fails to hide details of its disgraceful behavior during the RNC.

A judge last month rejected the city's effort to keep secret most of the files and videotapes documenting the arrests, leading to their release.

Records show that arrested protesters on Aug. 31, 2004, were held an average of 32 hours before appearing in court, while those arrested on other offenses were held less than five hours.

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Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Coachella. Just noticed this today in a Chronicle article on Tom Morello's solo project. Single-day tickets for Rage are already sold out, but three-day passes (4/27-4/29) are still available for $280 (after fees). Throw in hotel and transportation costs, and I'm still thinking about it.

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My first 600+ mile tank! This was also my best tank yet at 55.1 mpg. Had no bars on the fuel gauge, of course, but I still had 1.3 gallons left in the tank when I filled up last night (last reading: 604.3 miles).

hybrid dashboard

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Molly Ivins, Columnist, Dies at 62. Progressives lost a legendary voice yesterday.

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