What better place than here, what better time than now

The experiment is on. A conversation I had on Friday planted a seed in my head to write a book about this. I had toyed with the idea earlier, but now it sounds like a great idea. My backup alarm was meowing at the bedroom door around 7:00 this morning, which was pretty well-timed. The air is cool and crisp outside so I may finally grab that morning walk after breakfast.


Iraq Redux

My Meeting with Ahmadinejad. Excellent article that I finally got around to reading this morning.

Indeed, the United States is obsessed with Iran's nuclear program – still many years away from producing an atomic bomb – while we support the neighboring states of Pakistan, India, and Israel, which have already developed nuclear weapons and which are also in violation of UN Security Council resolutions regarding their nuclear programs. We blame Iran for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq yet 95% of U.S. casualties are from anti-Iranian Sunni insurgents. We focus on Iranian human rights abuses while we continue to support the even more oppressive and theocratic Islamic regime in Saudi Arabia. We attack the Iranian president’s denial of the genocide of European Jews while remaining silent in the face of Turkish leaders’ denial of the genocide of Armenians. One of the most important principles of most faith traditions is moral consistency. Few receive greater wrath in most holy texts than hypocrites.

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Your plan is changing

Thought I would be able to retain the old plan when the pricing changes were originally announced, but BBI finally dropped the hammer yesterday...

We hope you're enjoying BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™!

There are some changes to our subscription plan lineup that introduce a new pricing structure and new plans which limit the number of in-store exchanges.

As a result, your current plan, 1 Online DVD out at a time up to 2 per month plus 2 in-store exchanges each month for $5.99, is no longer available.

We'd like to extend you a new plan that includes 1 Online DVD out at a time up to 2 per month plus up to 2 free* in-store exchanges for $7.99.

In addition, exclusively for BLOCKBUSTER Total Access customers, we have introduced in-store movie rentals for $1.99* per movie should you need more than the in-store exchanges included in your plan.

Your new plan will go into effect on your regular monthly billing date following November 1, 2007. If you do not select a new plan by November 1, 2007, we will automatically move you to the new BLOCKBUSTER Total Access plan referenced below as "Your New Plan".

The new plan is the same one I have currently with a $2 price increase. Gotta love the easy cancellation process. On the other hand, an aggressive promotion of 20% off (first three months) inevitably leads to...

Thanks for joining Netflix! Your sign-up is complete and you're all set to start adding movies to your Queue (movie list). Add at least six movies so we know what movies to send you.