Arm the Homeless

Picked up Guitar Hero 2 with wired guitar controller from Fry's today for $60, which was a lucky find.  Yes, I am so behind as GH2 came out over a year ago, but I played it for the first time over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I feel better about not being able to buy the dual-guitar setup directly from the Red Octane web store for $110 (back-ordered until Feb 2008?!).  The addiction begins again...

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Suburban wildlife

While driving home from dinner this evening, I spotted an owl perched on the curb. Very exciting! From digging around online, I believe that particular type is called a barn owl. In the last year, I have seen rabbits, deer, possums, armadillos, and raccoons in this area. Neighbors have reported seeing alligators and coyotes as well. Yet another good reason to keep cats indoors.


I dream of totalitarianism

Wow, this may be the first time I have gotten up before 6:30 in the last two weeks. Had a chilling dream this morning. The imagery was so vivid that I was still thinking about the episode while cleaning the litter boxes this morning. I rarely remember the interesting dreams with any decent level of detail...

Back in college, hanging out with some buddies. We sneak into an upscale party. Something unexplained happens, and the whole place is locked down. I notice that the TV (large screen, 1984/Fahrenheit 541-style?) is announcing that one of my buddies is being sought by the authorities. Anyone with information should report it, which is a sure road to being tortured by the police. Search lights flood the area outside the doorway, and the window is the only way out. Except that we are at least five stories above ground level. Oddly, death from falling is a distant concern given the alternative. Without hesitation, I am the first one out the window. Three of us quickly find ourselves dangling from a ledge until the heat dies down.

Fleeing. I have no idea where I'm going. I am in a large but old hotel. Service staff carrying food trays are using the stairs because the elevators are out. Someone comments that the computer is down. A timely hole in the surveillance net. I blend in with the waiters and disappear down the stairs.

Drifting down a watery shaft. In an inner tube? Voices. Wary, I climb off and sneak onto an elevated walkway to observe the scene below. People are walking in my direction, chatting. School buses blink in and out. It takes me a few minutes to realize that I am in a non-police state. I sob with relief.

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