Paperless statements revisited

What a mess.  Switched to paperless statements for one of my cards, and the email notification promptly ended up buried in my to-do bin.  Due to the sudden death of my desktop and the distraction of Hurricane Ike, I forgot to make payment and was hit with a substantial late fee and finance charge.  Noticed that Citi finally added automatic payments of the statement balance recently, which I signed up for immediately.  A call to customer service got the charges reimbursed.  Avoid paperless statements unless you also sign up for auto-pay.


Terrible terror filled terrified

Man Guilty in Canada Terror Plot. Thought this happened only in the US. Muslim teen gets prison for paintball, doughnuts, and talking smack?!

Charges were dropped this year against seven of the defendants. And evidence presented at the first trial suggests that the group was long on inflammatory talk about plots but short on the means and methods to carry them out, and that it may have been aided - and perhaps provoked - by paid police informants.

From the first terrifying charges outlined by prosecutors to the gritty, often comically deflated details that have emerged in court, the case of the Toronto 18 seems to fit a well-established pattern in terrorism prosecutions. Whether the result of trumped-up charges, conflicting demands of intelligence agencies or difficulties of trying cases where evidence is withheld by governments looking to protect their sources and methods, numerous terrorism trials in the United States and Europe have similarly foundered over the years.

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Those who give tha thieves tha key to their homes

Administration Is Seeking $700 Billion for Wall Street. While legislators debate the terms of this giveaway, all I can think is, WTF?! There is no way a bailout should be happening under any terms.

At his news conference, Mr. Bush also sought to portray the plan as helping every American. "The government," he said, "needed to send a clear signal that we understood the instability could ripple throughout and affect the working people and the average family, and we weren’t going to let that happen."

Condoleeza's mushroom cloud smoking gun.

Mr. Frank said Democrats were also thinking about tightening the language on the debt limit to make clear that the additional borrowing authority could be used only for the bailout plan. And he said they might seek to revive a proposal that would give bankruptcy judges the authority to modify the terms of primary mortgages, a proposal strongly opposed by the financial industry.

Lately, I've been thinking that perhaps I am too cynical and paranoid about collusion between Republicans and Democrats, trading power back and forth while ultimately promoting the same corporate special interests. Then this happens.