The joy of dingleberries

Noticed one while I was brushing the little boy this morning.  Wanted to remove it but figured he'd be seriously pissed.  Must have fallen off when he was napping next to me on the sofa.  Never been so happy to find one as I was today.  Funny.  One day I will miss this.  Treasure the moment.

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Love less

Thinking about the dream kept me awake for a good half hour or so before  I fell asleep again.  One of the last times I had a powerful dream, I wrote down notes and later discarded them.  What a loss.

In the face of love lost, I rediscovered a childhood classmate and found what seemed to be a deeper love.  As the dream state lifted, reality set in.  She is married and has a family of her own.  Upon further reflection, this isn't just any random classmate, but one I certainly had a crush on, which at that age tended to focus on the smartest girl in my class.  While not the first time I've fallen in love in a dream, this may well be the most memorable.

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Preaching to the choir

Table to Farm. Nice article about eating local, but this quote in particular expresses perfectly my feelings about returning to Texas.

While it took the couple a while to come around to coming home, Smithville seems to suit their goals. Justus recalled Eklof's urging him to consider it: "She said: 'Look, we can live in San Francisco forever, and we’re never going to change anyone’s mind because we’re going to be in our insular community. If we ever want to make any change, we’ve got to be the monkey wrench from the inside.'"

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