Madonna MDNA tour opening act

Madonna @ Toyota Center (Houston 10/25)

Martin Solveig was the opening act. DJ wrapped up around 10:00pm (!). Madonna started around 10:45pm (same as the previous night). I thought Philly was an aberration but clearly the late start time is typical for this tour.

Madonna Booed After Taking Stage Late In Philadelphia [2012/08/29]

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Flobots setlist

Flobots @ House of Blues (Houston) 2012/10/07

1. one last show
2. cracks in the surface
3. defend atlantis
4. sides
5. jetpack
6. run (run run run)
7. stand up
8. loneliness
9. fight with tools
10. wrestling israel
11. mayday
12. superhero
13. stop the apocalypse
14. handlebars
15. the effect

16. panacea for the poison
17. the circle in the square
18. rise

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