A collection of related notes since stuff disappears from the web every once in a while.

1894 - first treatment for hypothyroidism developed involving desiccated thyroid glands from cows
1914 - thyroxine first isolated in pure form from extracts of hog thyroid glands
1927 - hormone synthesized by British chemists Harington and Barger
1958 (1955?) - first synthetic T4 enters market, manufactured by Flint Laboratories
1986 - Flint contracts with University of California at San Francisco research team headed by Betty Dong to conduct study showing Synthroid is more effective than Levoxyl and two generics
1986 - Boots America acquires Flint from Baxter Travenol Laboratories for $555M
1990 - UCSF study completed showing that Synthroid is bioequivalent to generics
1991 - Boots attempts unsuccessfully to terminate study
1994 - Dr. Dong submits final draft of manuscript to Boots
1995 - under legal pressure by Boots, thyroid article is withdrawn from publication in JAMA
1995 - Knoll Pharmaceuticals acquires Boots
1995 - BASF AG acquires Knoll for $1.4B
1997 - UCSF study results published in JAMA
1997 - FDA revokes approval status for all brands of levothyroxine
2001 - Abbott Laboratories acquires BASF AG
2002 - Synthroid receives FDA approval
2011 - Abbott announces plan to separate medical products and pharmaceuticals into two companies
2013 - Abbott spins off research-based pharmaceuticals company as AbbVie

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[WSJ] Bitter Pill: How a Drug Firm Paid For University Study, Then Undermined It

The levothyroxine spectrum: Bioequivalence and cost considerations

Why do we continue to write for Synthroid?


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