eDNA ODBC setup error

Was seeing the following error when attempting to view the ODBC configuration for eDNA on a particular server that had the User Client and Business Connector installed. The setup routines for the InStep eDNA Business Connector ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 126: The specified module could not be found eDNA ODBC setup error

Outbound SFTP from ASO SSH session blocked

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out Couldn’t read packet: Connection reset by peer In case anyone who uses ASO is wondering, you can’t do outbound SFTP from an SSH session. Just verified with their helpdesk.

Lyrics – Frank Waln

Feel free to comment or email me with corrections. White War [john trudell sample] we have never really seen the war go away i mean if you’re dying if you’re dying from the 7th cavalry’s bullets if you’re dying from induced poverty and racism and class systems and sex systems and you’re dying from alcoholism Lyrics – Frank Waln

Cannot determine the result data type of the CASE or COALESCE function

Encountered the following error in PI OLEDB Tester while running a query using CASE: “Cannot determine the result data type of the CASE or COALESCE function” SELECT tag, time, CASE WHEN value < 0 THEN 0 ELSE value END FROM PIavg WHERE ... Casting the 0 expression fixes this: THEN CAST(0 AS float64)


A collection of related notes since stuff disappears from the web every once in a while. 1894 – first treatment for hypothyroidism developed involving desiccated thyroid glands from cows 1914 – thyroxine first isolated in pure form from extracts of hog thyroid glands 1927 – hormone synthesized by British chemists Harington and Barger 1958 (1955?) Synthroid

Flobots set list

Flobots @ Fitzergald’s (Houston) 2013/06/01 there’s a war going on for your mind cracks in the surface defend atlantis one love sides stand up gonna be free same thing fight with tools circle in the square bradley manning happy together (turtles cover) handlebars the effect panacea for the poison (encore) mayday!!! ? rise

Madonna MDNA tour opening act

Madonna @ Toyota Center (Houston 10/25) Martin Solveig was the opening act. DJ wrapped up around 10:00pm (!). Madonna started around 10:45pm (same as the previous night). I thought Philly was an aberration but clearly the late start time is typical for this tour. Madonna Booed After Taking Stage Late In Philadelphia [2012/08/29]

Flobots setlist

Flobots @ House of Blues (Houston) 2012/10/07 1. one last show 2. cracks in the surface 3. defend atlantis 4. sides 5. jetpack 6. run (run run run) 7. stand up 8. loneliness 9. fight with tools 10. wrestling israel 11. mayday 12. superhero 13. stop the apocalypse 14. handlebars 15. the effect (encore) 16. Flobots setlist

Punk’s not dead

[repost] A crack at some hardcore lyrics that I cannot find anywhere else online. If you see an error, feel free to leave a comment or email me. Moral Majority (Youth Brigade)* MORAL MAJORITY NOT FOR ME You wanna move the country to the right You wanna make the country bright white A Godless society Punk’s not dead

Posada revisited

Venezuela Will Push U.S. to Hand Over Man Tied to Plane Bombing [2009/01/23] A story I’d followed long ago and forgotten until picking up a copy of Churchill’s Roosting Chickens essay recently. Trial was moved to 2011 Jan 11, but rather than facing charges for terrorist activites, Posada is being tried on only immigration charges. Posada revisited