Blog is in da house

It is done. I transferred nearly six years of entries into the new blog. Wrote a Perl script to parse the content from the original templates and generated a bunch of RSS files, which could be imported into WordPress. The toughest part was categorizing the entries, which wasn't absolutely necessary, but it gave me the opportunity to reread just about everything I've written since I started this little project. Very interesting.

Next step is to redesign the home page and refine the current WordPress theme (or pick a new one). This web site was designed originally as a big online sticky note for me, but I'm bored with that. Unlike the current site where the blog stuff is (deliberately) difficult to find, the new site will be blog-centric. Now that this thing is driven by WordPress, you, fine reader, can actually write comments (moderated for spam protection).

Having been at my job for a year now, I have developed a bit of, uh, hatred for Daylight Saving Time due to the real-time nature of some of our applications. Now I see that WordPress wants to stamp entries with UTC, which is excellent in my opinion, but possibly confusing for the average reader. I'm sticking with CST instead of CDT. Like anyone else cares.

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