Arm the Homeless

Picked up Guitar Hero 2 with wired guitar controller from Fry's today for $60, which was a lucky find.  Yes, I am so behind as GH2 came out over a year ago, but I played it for the first time over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I feel better about not being able to buy the dual-guitar setup directly from the Red Octane web store for $110 (back-ordered until Feb 2008?!).  The addiction begins again...

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  1. Yea, boy! Finally completed my first song on Expert last night (Surrender, of course). Then I scored five stars on Surrender (Hard) this morning. ROAR!

  2. dude have you even read the lyrics? they make ZERO sense.

  3. wouldn’t say that is entirely true…

  4. well, i get the meaning of the song, and maybe i just didn’t express what i meant clearly. the lyrics don’t scan well in the song itself, they don’t rhyme, they aren’t full sentences, and the lines just seem to be all over the place. *shrug*

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