Tinseltown Westchase closed?

Just noticed in the last few days that the Chronicle no longer contains movie listings for Cinemark Tinseltown Westchase. I was pretty sure that meant it was gone. Discovered this evening that the phone number has been disconnected, and someone else wrote in Yahoo! Local that the lot has been fenced.

Though not entirely surprising, the news is somewhat sad as this used to be my favorite multiplex to watch movies when I lived near the Galleria 10 years ago. Cheap matinees, huge theaters with stadium seating. We went there last month to watch the Golden Compass on opening day, and the place was barren for a Friday night. You could tell the place was headed downhill.

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  1. Drove by twice this week, and the construction crews are tearing down the theater pretty quickly.

  2. Nancy Sarnoff reports that the space is being converted into office space and a hotel.

  3. It was barren for the opening day of Golden Compass because no one watched that movie, it did terrible.

  4. Yes, there is no doubt Golden Compass fared horribly at the box office, but what I did not convey properly is that the entire complex (not just our theater) was pretty much a ghost town considering that it was a weekend night.

  5. I worked at a different theater that night, it was dead. Golden Compass weekend was a slow time for theaters. I don’t think that location closed because of poor business. Someone paid big bucks to turn it into a office park.

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