The best show ever

Finished season 4 of The Wire last night, the best one so far. The opening theme for this season is also my favorite, followed by the original. A friend asked me to describe the show, and words can barely do it justice. Rich character development, superb writing, thought-provoking issues. I am embarrassed that I even mentioned Law and Order in the same conversation. After watching The Wire, I cannot help thinking that all other shows are crap. That is how good it is.

So what is not to like? The slang, difficult to keep up with at times, caused me to watch with subtitles. Whatever. The DVD box sets are rather pricy, which makes this series the perfect rental candidate for Netflix. According to my records, I blew through all four seasons in three months at an approximate rate of two discs per week. Can't wait to get my hands on season 5 (Aug 12 DVD release).

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