End of another experiment

Over a year has passed since its inception.  Is it too soon for the mid-life crisis to have passed?  My idealism seems to be fading.

Entouch and Clear QAM

The second HD experiment… Figured I should do a cheap test before forking over a substantial chunk of change for an HDTV with QAM tuning capabilities. Grabbed a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 off Ebay and plugged the coax cable into the antenna connection. Worked exactly as I had hoped. In addition to getting all of the regular Entouch and Clear QAM

Turbotax market share

Typically around tax time, there are some good deals to be found on Turbotax, but not this year. Only discounts for other software that I don’t want. Looks like Intuit isn’t even trying to compete with Taxcut. In fact, the discounted price for Turbotax Online offered to Vanguard clients was increased recently from $19.45 to Turbotax market share

Your plan is changing

Thought I would be able to retain the old plan when the pricing changes were originally announced, but BBI finally dropped the hammer yesterday… We hope you’re enjoying BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™! There are some changes to our subscription plan lineup that introduce a new pricing structure and new plans which limit the number of in-store Your plan is changing

Online DVD rental price war

Netflix, Blockbuster Make Users Happy, Investors Unhappy. I have enjoyed using Netflix in the past, but the decision of which subscription service to use almost always boils down to price. When Blockbuster introduced Total Access, allowing customers to exchange by-mail rentals for free in-store rentals, I’m sure a good number of Netflix customers defected. Netflix Online DVD rental price war


Before his death, I simply thought of Gerald Ford as the President that wrongly pardoned Nixon. Now I consider him a coward as well for not speaking out publicly even though he disagreed with the decision to start the war in Iraq. Although Jimmy Carter, the man to whom Ford eventually lost the election, left


Cranked out my first 500+ mile tank on the hyb this morning. My best tank yet at 51.8 mpg. Booyah! Still had 3 bars on the fuel meter (~2.5 gallons remaining), too, so could have tried to squeeze out 600, but it might have been a bit stressful… Took a snapshot to celebrate the milestone.


Looks like Yahoo changed the format of its weather page recently and added the usual warning against repurposing its data. Boo! T-Mobile is going to start charging for incoming text messages next month anyways so I will just have to get the forecast online or on tv like everyone else. Had to fax some financial