Print media, advertising, and recycling

If you are looking for a sweet deal on a NY Times subscription (non-subscribers for the last 90 days only), you can get 50% off the regular rate for 6 months. Best discount for the NYT that I have come across yet.

Convenient timing as I am ready to give up on the Houston Chronicle. It’s a chore to recycle every day for one thing (think of the trees!). More importantly though, I don’t find the content compelling enough, even at $100/year. My reaction to most stories is “meh.” Sports coverage is its only advantage over the NYT, but with the end of football season, the most interesting page of the sports section is the Fry’s ad on the back.

So why doesn’t Fry’s have that full page ad available online? A full page print ad has to be quite expensive, and most major retailers put their weekly ads online already. It’s funny how much I look forward to the Sunday ads considering that I generally hate direct mail solicitations, non-preview movie ads (with the exception of the Cingular one with Sydney Pollack), and practically all TV advertising. Yeah, I could read most of the store ads online, but that is rarely as satisfying. Strangely, the same does not hold true for news content.

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