The best show ever

Finished season 4 of The Wire last night, the best one so far. The opening theme for this season is also my favorite, followed by the original. A friend asked me to describe the show, and words can barely do it justice. Rich character development, superb writing, thought-provoking issues. I am embarrassed that I even The best show ever

The fixed rate that wasn’t

National Power to forgo increase, keep rate at 11 cents per kilowatt-hour. National Power Co tried to hike rates for fixed rate customers, and then changed its mind after chatting with the PUC. I was considering NPC as a supplier a while back, but I imagine this incident is going to be a business killer. The fixed rate that wasn’t

State-sponsored terrorism revisited

Luis Posada Carriles, a terror suspect abroad, enjoys a ‘coming-out’ in Miami. Much attention has been drawn to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s statements regarding US-sponsored terrorism, and yet one is unlikely to hear much from the media about the terrorist that the US government continues to harbor. The official position is that Posada cannot be deported State-sponsored terrorism revisited

Entouch and Clear QAM

The second HD experiment… Figured I should do a cheap test before forking over a substantial chunk of change for an HDTV with QAM tuning capabilities. Grabbed a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 off Ebay and plugged the coax cable into the antenna connection. Worked exactly as I had hoped. In addition to getting all of the regular Entouch and Clear QAM

RATM summer tour?

By chance I’m looking for Rage news this evening and happen to notice today’s announcement that they will be one of the headlining acts at Lollapalooza in August. All of a sudden I’m pricing a weekend trip to Chicago ($500+ each unless I book reward tickets). Then I see this: Tom Morello Goes Full ‘Stache RATM summer tour?

Turbotax market share

Typically around tax time, there are some good deals to be found on Turbotax, but not this year. Only discounts for other software that I don’t want. Looks like Intuit isn’t even trying to compete with Taxcut. In fact, the discounted price for Turbotax Online offered to Vanguard clients was increased recently from $19.45 to Turbotax market share

Union busting

On the topic of Dole Food, this is old news, but troubling to me nonetheless. Dole essentially made this an issue of cost containment. I’ve referred to a similar incident involving Walmart years ago when meat packers attempted to organize in Canada. DOLE FOOD COMPANY ANNOUNCES RESTRUCTURING OF ITS FRESH FLOWER BUSINESS [Dole press release Union busting

Dole financials

Dole to sell portion of Oahu holdings [Honolulu Star-Bulletin]. I have found it somewhat difficult to obtain financial information on this privately-owned company. Apparently, I haven’t been looking hard enough. Bond yields are currently running around 15%. Dole Food Co. Inc. plans to sell about 2,000 acres of land on Oahu for approximately $39 million Dole financials


With the five year anniversary of the war in Iraq approaching, anti-war protests took place in major cities around the country yesterday. The second anti-war event I have attended, the rally in southeast Houston (Mason Park) attracted close to 100 supporters and two counter-protestors. Aside from hearing the typical chants and speeches, I had the ITMFA

Cluster bombs revisited

Cluster Bombs Are Not Good for Children, Hillary. I wrote about this topic briefly some time ago without realizing that an amendment (S.4882) to a defense appropriations bill was proposed shortly after to protect civilians against the use of cluster weaponry. The amendment was defeated, but most interestingly, Senator Clinton (as well as McCain and Cluster bombs revisited