Lyrics – Frank Waln

Feel free to comment or email me with corrections. White War [john trudell sample] we have never really seen the war go away i mean if you’re dying if you’re dying from the 7th cavalry’s bullets if you’re dying from induced poverty and racism and class systems and sex systems and you’re dying from alcoholism Lyrics – Frank Waln

Flobots set list

Flobots @ Fitzergald’s (Houston) 2013/06/01 there’s a war going on for your mind cracks in the surface defend atlantis one love sides stand up gonna be free same thing fight with tools circle in the square bradley manning happy together (turtles cover) handlebars the effect panacea for the poison (encore) mayday!!! ? rise

Madonna MDNA tour opening act

Madonna @ Toyota Center (Houston 10/25) Martin Solveig was the opening act. DJ wrapped up around 10:00pm (!). Madonna started around 10:45pm (same as the previous night). I thought Philly was an aberration but clearly the late start time is typical for this tour. Madonna Booed After Taking Stage Late In Philadelphia [2012/08/29]

Flobots setlist

Flobots @ House of Blues (Houston) 2012/10/07 1. one last show 2. cracks in the surface 3. defend atlantis 4. sides 5. jetpack 6. run (run run run) 7. stand up 8. loneliness 9. fight with tools 10. wrestling israel 11. mayday 12. superhero 13. stop the apocalypse 14. handlebars 15. the effect (encore) 16. Flobots setlist

Punk’s not dead

[repost] A crack at some hardcore lyrics that I cannot find anywhere else online. If you see an error, feel free to leave a comment or email me. Moral Majority (Youth Brigade)* MORAL MAJORITY NOT FOR ME You wanna move the country to the right You wanna make the country bright white A Godless society Punk’s not dead

RATM summer tour?

By chance I’m looking for Rage news this evening and happen to notice today’s announcement that they will be one of the headlining acts at Lollapalooza in August. All of a sudden I’m pricing a weekend trip to Chicago ($500+ each unless I book reward tickets). Then I see this: Tom Morello Goes Full ‘Stache RATM summer tour?

And the bombs keep falling

Rage came out around 9:00 pm (was scheduled for 8:50). Encore concluded around 10:15 pm. Slightly disappointed they didn’t play Renegades of Funk (which they did at Coachella), but great show nonetheless. No bleachers for VIP after all. Set list follows: 1. Testify 2. Bulls on Parade 3. People of the Sun 4. Know Your And the bombs keep falling

Rock the Bells set times posted

Set times are finally available here, but Adobe Flash is required. I hate that some web sites exclude non-Flash clients from receiving content so here is a text file containing the set times for the 7/28 NYC show. The venue map shows bleachers in the VIP section. Nice. Thinking of showing up around 3:30 to Rock the Bells set times posted

Supply and demand

Interestingly, Rock the Bells tickets for the NYC 7/28 show have gone on sale again. Resale prices on Ebay have fallen sharply. I decided to buy a VIP ticket afterwards, but there’s no way I will get $160 for my remaining GA ticket (that was after exorbitant Ebay/Paypal fees). Days after the first sellout, GA Supply and demand